Working for Pennies; BugHouse SPIN April 22


Why work for billions when you can work for pennies?

I imagine that we have all at least been there.  I’ve been a valet parker, worked at roy rogers, handed out flyers.  Let’s cross comparison the grease.
And the line up is….drumroll….

  • M Leona Godin, Writer, Performer, Doctor of Philosophy / “How I Became a Cyclops”
  • Xavier Trevino, Writer, Storyteller, Handyman /  “The Hole”
  • Jacquelin Carnegie, Editor /  “Freelance Wardrobe” & “Looking for Pennies”
  • Hildos Alba, Artist/Communications Specialist / “Money in the head and passion in the heart”
APRIL 22, 7:30 – 10 PM 
Spinning starts promptly at 8:00, followed by a firey post-spin discussion
$5 – suggested donation