Videos; God/Religion March 2014

God/Religion Videos are up on the BugHouse SPIN YouTube channel


On the edge of suicide and unanswerable questions, undoing the coma without being born again, my evangelical preacher dad and prison,  a thorough and fair look at the bible because of love.

A lively self-conscious discussion with honest contention.  The religious sell, performance and why it didn’t work, countered with a fair balance what is good about religion and how is god different or the same as spirituality?  We also talked about the abdication of will, community, the role of fear, psychological drive toward belief vs. truth & Jesus as a “rebel of love.”

Jim Coleman’s Jesus Fucking Christ.  3 questions: Do you contemplate suicide? How did the form work for or against the story? Which moments could you relate to?

Mr. Patrick’s A Particular Kind of Cold.  3 questions: What do you do when you see religious behavior being hurtful? When and why did  the environment my mother recovered in,  help her to find herself?  Why is it so important to never ever go against your Self?

J LaLonde’s Prison Reform: A Boy Behind Bars. 3 questions: How do you feel about literalists? Where’s the most religious place you’ve lived? What’s prison like?

Jef Taylor’s Looking for God.  3 questions: Have you ever dates someone with different religious beliefs than you? How did that go? Did you ever searched for God/spirituality? How did that go? If there’s a heaven, who do you think gets in?