Videos: Africa on September 25th

We’re midway through October already, and our next SPIN: Hair can’t come soon enough! The SPIN is set for November 6th at the KGB Bar’s Red Room from 7-9pm. And the spinners are: Jeanine Anderson, George Bull, Mariah MacCarthy, Carolyn Swarz, and Martha Williams.

Our next SPIN will be December 11th, theme: Fathers. You can submit here.

We would like to extend a gracious thank-you to our amazing Africa spinners from September 25th: Toni BlackmanNana Brew-Hammond, Aissatou DialloMatthew Kohn, and Martha Williams, and to our mystifying musical guests, Grace Kalambay and Darius VanSluytman.


Toni Blackman, “Senegal, Your Daughter is Home”

Nana Brew-Hammond, “Where to Get Your Goat Meat”

Aissatou Diallo, “Living Through Stories”

Matthew Kohn, “Briefing, Briefly”

Martha Williams, “Find-That-Plug Day”

Musical Guests: 

Grace Kalambay, (untitled)

Darius VanSluytman, “Dime on Me” & “Harvest”



Think you could do this? We’re always looking to create space for narratives, so please, tell us your story, and find information on our upcoming SPINs here.