Videos: Hair on Nov. 6

November 6th came and went! And as we SHED the last SPIN, we prep-HAIR for the next. (The hair puns aren’t over til we say they’re over!) Our next SPIN, Fathers, will be on December 11th- same great time, same great place… And the spinners are: Emily Winter, Lise Brenner, Greg Johnson, and Justin Perez, featuring music by James Murtagh and, of course, our wonderful Grace Kalambay.

Meanwhile, BugHouse extends an enormous “Thank you!” to all of our fantastic SPINners who made Friday night an incredible success: Carolyn Swartz, Valerie Fristachi, George Mawji-Bull, Mariah MacCarthy, and Jeanine Anderson, and of course musician, Grace Kalambay. Whether you missed it or want to relive the stories spun on Nov. 6th, you will find them below for your viewing pleasure…


Jeanine Anderson, Hairitage: The Anderson’s House of Style

George Mawji-Bull, Hairyl Streep

Valerie Fristachi, It’s Grown on Me

Mariah MacCarthy, Hiding in the Mirror

Carolyn Swartz, My Silver Hair


Grace Kalambay, Black is the Color (of My True Love’s Hair)


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