Videos; Working for Pennies/April 22

Homelessness, landlords, saying no to pappa, saying yes to budget, the author babe, the cable guy, the young boyfriend, the hole, brad, menthol cigarettes, 7 cents per square foot, whoppers, wipers and the quest for minimum wage.

Needless to say, Working for Pennies was filled with laughter that night but also…as we rolled through the discussion, we kept coming back to the simple belief of worth, which is far from simple.

Hildos Alba‘s Money in the Head, Passion in the Heart.  3 questions: Do you think that the starving artist myth can be stamp out? What do you think should be our rapport with money?  Is work/money fulfillment a cycle or transition phase? 

Xavier Trevino‘s, The Hole. 3 questions:  Should I be ashamed of working at jobs below my potential? Are you afraid of success?   Do I have an obligation to live up to my potential?

Jacquelin Carnegie, Freelance Wardrobe & Looking for Pennies. 3 questions: What motivates you re: Freelance vs. Full-Time Job? (i.e., For me, having a flexible schedule is far more important than earning money.)  What steps can one take (without selling out) to change from a starving artist into a successful artist?  If money wasn’t a problem–and fear wasn’t a factor–what would you be doing with your life?

Danusia Trevino‘s, Burger King