Videos: Moving on May 8

As we greet the summer, we must say goodbye to our former intern, Scarlet, whose insight and enthusiasm were invaluable in helping the SPIN grow and flourish. My name is Maddy, and I feel warmly welcomed into this community of storytellers as the newest intern for the SPIN; I am so excited to learn, listen, and create with all of you.

The BugHouse SPIN will be gathering our mental & spiritual resources over the summer; starting back up September 25 at the KGB Bar, Red Room (mark your calendars).  Africa is the theme, perhaps you want to submit?

In the meantime, here are the videos you’ve all been waiting for!  Be moved by stories of moving, from the spectacular Aaron Murtagh, Laura Pruden, Martha Williams,  Chris Mendez & Lindsay Moran, along with our musical guests, Grace Kalambay and Peri Lyons.

Aaron Murtagh, Things Should Not Be A Surprise

Lindsay Moran, Un-Lost In Translation

Laura Pruden, Nest

Martha Williams, The Dark State

Chris Mendez, Bodegas

Grace Kalambay (musical guest)

Peri Lyons (musical guest)

‘Til next time!