Trains, March 27th at KGB

Train of thought, a train runs through my heart, the train creeps behind her as she says goodbye to her past, the train to heaven or hell, soul train.


Friday March 27 at 7 PM
KGB Bar Red Room
85 East 4th Street (go all the way to top)
$5 / 2 drink minimum

We have a spectacular line up: Master Lee, Scott MacMillan, Greg Johnson, Steven Meyer and Hector Arias and special musical guest Peri Lyons.

Trains are such a part of New York living and don’t lie, you have a train story.  We ALL have train stories. 

Like the time I’m with my brother on the train after a night on the town and a guy covers his girlfriend with his jacket as she’s busy with something in his lap.  What could it be?  Or the time a kid pulls out a gun on the G train, points it into the air and a cap goes off.  So startled and angry, I instinctively grab him and shove him against the wall and scream “What’s wrong with you?”  It’s a place where we are forced to be civilized and where we are most apt to become uncivilized because we are being pushed somehow.  It’s a place to watch, to escape, to bear, to contemplate, to transport.  It’s liminal and it’s unlikely in the suburbs and L.A.  And sometimes it’s loud and long and stinky.

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