If you’ve moved, you have stories: May 8

Have you moved, are you moved?  Was it hell or the best thing that ever happened?  Did you find yourself, did you find surprises?  Or did you break up or make up or make out with moving guy?  Did you have to move this thing on a moped?


Please do tell.  Oh we will!

Please join us Friday May 8th at 7PM at the Redroom at KGB Bar, 85 E. 4th St, for the best MOVING STORIES in town.  $5 cover/2 drink min.

As always, we will have a spectacular line up!  Martha Williams (that’s me), SPIN founder; Lindsay Moran, former CIA operative and author; Laura Pruden, actress; Chris Mendez, advertising creative; Aaron Murtagh, actor, editor and producer and Terry Scott, construction manager at an NPO.  Music by Peri Lyons and Grace Kalambay.

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