Happy New Year! What will it be?

Happy belated New Year! Hope you’ve had a year filled with good material for good stories. What will 2015 be, what will it mean? I had the pleasure to be on a plane at the stroke of midnight three times this year. That’s what happens on the New Years Eve plane from NYC to LA. There was champagne and clapping and I got to bond with Weilyu, a 23 year woman from China studying public health at USC. We shared our goals for 2015, talked about the single-child law, generation gaps and she asked me “What does life mean? Why are we here?” The strange thing is, while hanging with my niece in LA, she asked the same thing. Why is that? This year we are asking what does it mean? Is everything constructed by the Koch brothers?  Shouldn’t I be crying?  Why am I laughing?  Who really landed on the moon?  Why do I have a love cat problem?  Where’s the coffee and is tinder tender?


That being said. Our first SPIN of 2015 is February 20th at 7pm at KGB Bar, in the Redroom, with stories on Love and Dating. So far we have Jef Taylor, Money Hurst-Mendoza, Mariah MacCarthy, Emily Winter on the mics.

Also we brought on an intern, Scarlet Darquea-Mauro (crowd goes wild), an NYU English Literature student, to help out with our expanding network.  You’ll hear from her and see her soon!