Videos; Watch how they stole the show…on YouTube/Oct 19, 2014


Stealing stories are now up on the BugHouse SPIN YouTube Channel.  Thank you to all who came and shared and spun!If you are interested in telling a train, Africa, dad, bike or moving story, please SUBMIT!

Stealing trivia:
(answers at bottom)
1. What $4,000 gold plated object was stolen in Brazil recently?
2. What did they forget to steal?
3. In what art museum were 19 paintings stolen in 1990?

On stealing:
I went to my father’s church a couple of weeks before the stealing SPIN and the Rev. Martha (not me) talked about the gospel as usual, which was about the ten commandments this time around. It was quite a thought-provoking sermon.  She outlines context for how the ten commandments were drawn up and why and offered that they were opportunities for freedom.  Nice.

So, she went through each commandment.  Thou shalt not kill.  The opportunity to respect life.  Thou shalt not commit adultery.  The opportunity for intimacy.  Thou shalt not steal.  Freedom from coveting.

And then, the SPIN….and I’m asking why all these stealing stories? Why all this stealing?  There was stealing for vengeance, for freedom from mother, for addiction, for power, for the cult.  So, yes, thou shalt not steal and sometimes thou shalt…steal.  Especially, if you’re stealing the show!

What is it?
The BugHouse SPIN is monthly storytelling show where funny, firey and/or poignant, real and fiction stories are told around one central theme for purpose of spurring debate, opening minds and having a good time.  We call it thinking and drinking.

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1. Vibrator
2. Charger
3. Isabella Stewart Gardner museum in boston