February 18, Love & Dating

Starts early49BSTUDIOS presents
BugHouse SPIN: where stories are told and ideas unfold
Um, we all have love stories, hate stories, break up stories.
Some movie poster said something like: this isn’t about love, it’s a love story. I think the love story is how we survive love so it doesn’t consume us or destroy us. What do you think?  And dating, and, dating is just a minefield if you ask me.  But, hey, apparently I got stories……
The line up is (drumroll):
Michel Filgate, writer, community bookstore, The Paris Review
Harmon Leon, author of 6 books (busy), TALE, The Huffington Post
Michele Carlo, writer/performer, Fish out of Agua
Martha Williams, writer/director, BugHouse
A special performance by Rob McMahon

FEB 18, 7:30 – 10 PM 
Spinning starts promptly at 8:00, followed by a firey post-spin discussion
$5 – suggested donation

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