Mothers video & YouTube Channel

BugHouse Spin, snowy January night 2014

The snow won’t stop us.

The BugHouse SPIN youtube channel is finally up and running.

January SPIN, theme: Mother’s (with a capital M)

Check it out!

Greg Johnson: Mother’s –  A story about  about banana peel sex, shame and the women who saved him.

Mariah MacCarthy: excerpt from Baby Mamma – A birth mother’s story of birthing and saying good-bye to her son, all in less than 48 hours.

Pierce Delahunt:  Love & Loss – A mother falls close to her son.

Laura Pruden: Zen Laundry – Lice, time, zen, laundry and all that time.

Past SPINs will be up over the next month.

A couple of days after the SPIN, a friend asked me if I was OK?  He said that I looked a little “intense” at the end of the night.  I was OK, I am OK; but mother’s are intense. They are life giver’s and life taker’s.  They are us, we are them.  We can pry away, but ultimately, they are inescapable.

Discussion points:

  • Shame is often silent.
  • What if the cultural script (small talk) is the wrong thing to say?
    • For example, to a mother “What do you do with all that extra time?”
  • When will open adoption could get more air time in feminist dialogue?
  • What people say when they are uncomfortable:  “I could never do that.” This can be alienating and feel like passive (or outright) judgment.
  • Productivity is a front-line value that limits.

This is what we wrote on the board:

IMG_5208 IMG_5203 IMG_5205 IMG_5204