Friday February 20, KGB Bar; Love Stirs

Is it love?  Yes! Maybe!  A little!  Sort of!  Hell no!

When I think about love, here’s what comes to mind:

It’s a laugh when you take life too seriously.  A friend who asks how you are and means it. It’s looking into someone’s eyes and seeing them.  It’s unquestionable generosity.  Someone you stick with, who sticks with you, even when you’re knee deep in shit.  It’s bodies intertwined, hearts beating, sisters, lovers, partners, pens, paradise and pandaemonium.  It’s life.  It’s everywhere.

What do I think of dating?  That’s another story.


Friday February 20, 7 PM (don’t be late)
KGB Bar Red Room at 85 E. 4th Street

It’s a magnificent line up.  Monet Hurst-Mendoza, playwright ; Mariah MacCarthy,playwright and performer; Jef Taylor, filmmaker; Monica Day, sensuality coach; Emily Winter, comedian; and music by Grace Kalambay.

Be prepared to answer trivia (study), share ideas on paper or just drink a minimum of two drinks.