The SPIN’s crossing the bridge Oct 19!

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People, we’ll be BugHouse SPINNING on the Bowery this season.   We are shaken it up, moving from Bushwick to the grown up isle of Manhatt at the Bowery Poetry Club.  We are thrilled for this next phase and are deeply grateful to 49B Studios and Makram Hamdan for the love and support that’s nurtured us into being.  Makram has a special way of growing good things and there would have been no SPIN without him.

And yes, we will have a stage & the show will be show-y-er, but our homegrown roots still want you to think and drink. And thanks to a small team of big brains, there’s a new SPIN format that will make that happen.  Thank you to Robert Peare, Marlene Nichols, Claire Fricke, Jim Poux, Michele Carlo, Nikhil Melenchuk and Rima Najdi for your collaborative creative juice.

First off, each SPIN will have a special mix of story-tellers:

One thought leader – for example, when the theme is TRAINS, maybe a train collector or a train engineer would tell a story
One novice – because we love to see everyday, non-performing or writing folks find their stories
Two pros-  because everyone loves a pro
One open mic spot –  because you will be moved

There will also be trivia, a SPIN off and possibly a film by the end (stay tuned)!