Videos; Love & Dating Feb 2014

BugHouse SPIN: Love & Dating at 49B Studios.  Irony, cat-ladies, pent-up protestants, God & Joseph Campbell, sisters, cowboy boots, tigers, the name Larry, the mind and the crossroads.

See & hear stories by Harmon Leon, Martha Williams, Michele Filgate & Michele Carlo + 2 songs by Rob McMahon.

Martha Williams’ (me), Raybanman & the Visible Jet.  I like my OK Cupid dates hard, like the cold stare behind those Raybans….that you refuse to take off.  I recount the story of a 45 min. OK Cupid date with…Raybanman.  I’ve only now found my fuel for my visible jet.  Three questions: What is the function of hate?  How am I fair or unfair in this story?  Who is this story for?

Harmon Leon’sIronic/Not Ironic: A Love Story.  Harmon’s unique voice is so fast, furious, and funny and somehow under it all, we can relate to the pain of loss.  His three questions: What is irony?  Are you familiar with the obscure William Topaz McGonagall?  Should you embrace crazy cast of characters?

Michele Filgate, 30 Years of Heartbreak, 30 Years of Love.  Love and heartbreak can be captured in a moment. Like the time… “Your grandfather dies and he asks how much money you’ll get. ”  Three questions: Do you think I ever evolve over the course of the essay? Do you think we can learn as much from lust as we can from love? What’s the hardest part about writing about heartbreak?

Michele Carlo, Man-o-pause.  A flower, thought dormant, unexpectedly blooms after a long period of “man-o-pause.”  Three questions: Does this story make you think differently about aging? Is it fair that aging is still consdiered differently for a man than for a woman?

Rob McMahon, Singer/Song-writer.  Rob’s an amazing song-writer and true story-teller.  Here are two of his songs, In My Mind and Where the Soul of the Street Meets the Heart of the World.